Travelling solo, the main advantages and why it is useful

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"To travel is to live," the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen once aptly noted. And if the benefits and fun of traveling don't need much proof, then about the best way to travel - alone or in a company, there is a heated debate.

Say no to compromise. Traveling in the company of yourself, you don't have to constantly make an effort to balance your own desires and the desires of your companions. Do you want to spend the whole day walking in the park? Or dream of wandering through an art gallery without a rush? Just step out of your hotel room and leave whenever and wherever you like.

No more wasted time waiting. Everyone is different. For one person, ten minutes is enough to clean up. Another can barely make it to an hour. There's no better way to stop fretting over slow or fast traveling companions than to travel alone. All you have to do is mull over the plan in your head, pack your suitcase, and you're ready!

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Complete immersion in the travel experience. Companions – inevitably conversations that can be distracting. After all, discussing an upcoming dinner, figuring things out, or immersing yourself in shared memories, you risk missing out on a lot of fun! Travelling solo you'll be bolder and will be able to fully surrender to the spirit of the place you are, most likely you will visit places that are unlikely to go a great company. Don't forget your camera so you can share emotions, not stories.

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New acquaintances. Solo travel is the best way to make new and interesting acquaintances. Being on your own will make you more likely to socialize and be open to pleasant travel acquaintances.

Gain courage and independence. "I'm afraid to travel alone" is one of the main reasons for not traveling solo.

By traveling alone, you learn to rely only on yourself, develop planning skills, learn to navigate in unfamiliar areas, learn a few words in the local language.Many women are worried about how a woman to travel alone. Many women are worried about how a woman to travel alone.  Experienced female travelers advise in the first place to look confident and not be afraid of being alone.

At the end I want to say that it is important to remember if you are a beginner traveler or you go to dangerous places, it is better to go in the company or with a tourist group, led by a guide.  Also be sure to take first aid kit when going to wild places solo or in company.

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