The most common mistakes in mountain hiking

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A trip to the mountains is a responsible step for every tourist. Everything is important - preparation, planning the route, communication. You need to think through all the details of a hike in a place where there is no civilization. The most common mistakes of tourists in the mountains.

No plan and check the route. Let's not kid ourselves, but in our time we can not complain about the lack of information. The availability of maps, guidebooks, social media groups or blogs is so great that planning or analyzing the route and timing is really an easy task

Overestimating your strength. The fact that someone has done a given route does not guarantee that you can do it too. Get some experience, do some shorter routes and beginner trails. See if you're afraid of heights before you head to the peaks. And when you feel like you're starting to lose your strength, just turn back.

Ignoring weather warnings. If the weather forecast calls for storms and other disasters, you need to take that into account. Forecasts are sometimes untrue, but what if they aren't wrong that day? You should also remember that conditions prevailing in the mountains can be quite different from those in the valley. It is not uncommon to still have snow in the higher parts of the mountains in May and June. It is worth bringing backpacking poles and non-slip overlays on shoes.

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If you go to a mountainous area with a climate in which you have not been, you can get sick. An example of a different from the cold is the summer season in the mountains near the equator, remember that sunstroke and burns is a matter of 20 minutes. In this case, take with you sunscreen and headgear.

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No information about where you are going. A very important point, especially when you are going on a solo trip. Tell your relatives where you are going and what area you are in.

Not having a charged phone. In cold temperatures, your phone may drain faster than usual. Especially when you take a lot of pictures. Be sure to have a PowerBank in your backpack that recharges the battery when needed.

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